Full-time, consulting and freelancer projects

I’ve been working on various shorter and longer term projects in the past ~15 years focusing on a wide variety of data science / data engineering problems, and helping companies using R in production. Verticals and some high-level project details:

  • Finance: 2+ years at a growth stage fintech startup providing pre-paid and credit cards to US customers (optimizing online marketing campaigns, churn analysis, risk scoring, reporting and dashboards, operations like charging fees and real-time notification of customers); clustering of ~1K bank branches and performance analytics; network analysis of the Hungarian interbank lending market
  • Ad tech: 5+ years optimizing online ad campaign performance at growth stage startups, time-series forecasting, portfolio optimization, live scoring with ML models (R, Python, H2O), API integrations
  • Education: 5 years full-time assistant professor at PPKE; 6 years visiting professor then part-time (faculty) lecturer at CEU; 3 years quality assurance of a Hungarian university (survey design, OCR of 50k pages, automated reporting); 2 years quality assurance of Australian high schools (programmatic access of automated individual and aggregated reports); various R training events and classes
  • Product: 4 years full-time bootstrapping a SaaS startup at rapporter.net with the main focus on technology (managing the web application development and working on the R backend, scalability, security etc); 5+ years full-stack at ID-ODS (mobile application for PK/PD modeling); 3+ years tech and product lead at Rx Studio (web and mobile application with EHR integration for precision dosing)
  • Healthcare, pharma: 10 years in optimizing and deploying pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) models for clinical use; R and mobile/web/EHR application integration; personalized medicine; drug usage reporting; introduction to R and statistics trainings
  • IT: anomaly detection in user behavior and network traffic patterns; R integration in web services
  • Manufacturing and logistics: monitoring and early warning on factory processes; product and customer segmentation, time-series forecasts; batch model training and scoring; CRM integrations; R workshops

References and more details available on request.

A quick glance at my tech background:

  • 15+ years Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Amazon) desktop user (qtile, rofi, Emacs, dotdrop); 10+ years system administration (bash/zsh, Ansible, capistrano, git(hooks), Apache, nginx, HAProxy, iptables, AppArmor, smartmontools, systemd, dnsmasq, rsync, ZFS, Seafile/Syncthing, tunnels, Docker)
  • 10+ years programming and scripting (mainly R with a little bit of bash, Python, Java, C++, Groovy etc)
  • 10+ years relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Impala, Redshift, Athena, Snowflake) and NoSQL (Firestore, Redis, CouchDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch) database usage and DBA responsibilities, HL7 FHIR
  • 10+ years data ingests (API integrations, databases, scraping, parsing), data munging (cleaning, filtering, aggregation), data hacking (imputation, disaggregation), visualization (base R graphics, lattice, ggplot2, Shiny, htmlwidgets, some D3) and modeling (clustering, dimension reduction, regression, classification, tree-based methods, time-series forecasts, multi-armed bandit) etc.
  • 10+ years data infra (Jenkins, HDFS, Amazon S3, SQS and Kinesis, Docker, batch and live scoring)
  • 10+ years monitoring/alerting (Zabbix, Cloudwatch, Cloud Monitoring, ELK, Splunk, Airbrake/Errbit)
  • 8+ years cloud (mainly Amazon Web Services, some Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure)
  • 5+ years webdev (HTML5, CSS3, vanilla JS, jQuery, jQM, Ionic, Angular, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python)