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budapest2016 HTML Maintained by satRdays

The first satRday conference @ Budapest 2016 (with 200 registrants)

2018.erum.io HTML Maintained by eRum2018

European R Users Meeting 2018 @ Budapest (with 450 registrants)

R in Production

A lightweight, modern and flexible, log4j and futile.logger inspired logging utility for R

dbr R Maintained by daroczig

Secure database connections and convenient queries from R on the top of DBI

API Integrations

Analyze and manage Facebook ads from R using this client library to access their Marketing APIs

botor R Maintained by daroczig

Reticulate wrapper on 'boto3' with convenient helper functions -- aka "boto fo(u)r R"

An R client to the Public Rest API for Binance.

Amazon Kinesis Consumer Application from R for Stream Processing

Snowflake JDBC DBI Wrapper for R

An R client to HashiCorp's Consul

grpc C++ Maintained by nfultz

gRPC clients and servers in R

conflr R Maintained by line

Post R Markdown documents to Confluence


pander R Maintained by Rapporter

An R Pandoc Writer: Convert arbitrary R objects into markdown

rapport R Maintained by Rapporter

rapport is an R package that facilitates the creation of reproducible statistical report templates


Data Analysis 1a: Foundation of Data management in R @ CEU

R Skills class @ CEU

Materials for the "Mastering R" class at CEU

R materials for the "Data Infrastructure in Production" class at CEU

Materials for the "Data Visualization 2" class at CEU

Materials for the "Data Visualization 4" class at CEU

Invited talks on using R for Data Science from industry experts

Statisztikai programozás III. kurzus @ KRE, Szociológia MA, Big Data specializáció

Fun Projects

T-shirt designs for useR! 2014 @ UCLA https://daroczig.github.io/t-shirt/

BKKCrypt C++ Maintained by moszinet

An implementation of the famous BKKCrypt algorithm. Community contribution for other languages is highly appreciated.

NumGuess Assembly Maintained by DarthJDG

Number guessing game collection in multiple programming languages

singR R Maintained by daroczig

helper functions to "sing" songs with R